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'My Friend Alvin' is a crazy platform game with puzzle elements where you play a little girl named Jessica and her imaginary friend Alvin to solve puzzles in her fantasy worlds!


MyFriendAlvin.zip 43 MB


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Back with part 2! It's been a while, but I still enjoy this. The cartoonish style of it makes everything very enjoyable.


This was definitely a fun time with some decent humor. And violence.
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A delightful, cartoonish art style with nice animation? Check. Decent sounding music fitting of the overall theme? Check! Expressive characters with rude gestures? A big, fat check! My Friend Alvin is a nice piece of work with a fun visual style, puzzles that even I can figure out, and what look to be possible silly upgrades to unlock. It's a good time overall and I'm eager to play more of it. 

Good job, dev.

Needed quite a bit of trial and error but overall it's a good puzzle game. Found a bug in the first area too, it's a skill. :)

Not bad! I really like the concept behind this, that you need both characters to solve the puzzles, but my issues stem from the respawn/restart system. Solving the puzzles is pretty satisfying the first time, but taking damage while trying to figure out some of the enemies and having to restart makes redoing the puzzles really tedious. The trash cans in particular, doing it once or twice is cool, but having to redo them every time is rough. The game is far more puzzle than action or platformer and the satisfaction comes from solving the puzzles, not defeating the enemies. I think the games systems are already in place for a really solid puzzler, but ordering and punishments may need a second look.

Nice game for which you need strategies